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The housing and development board changed the design of the blocks and made the first level free of flats for activities such as light industrial workshops. Multipurpose halls void decks pasir rispunggol town council. In bishan and tampines, many void decks had playgrounds replete with slides, jiggly. Most malay weddings invite between 2000 people so you do need a space where people wont linger. Stomp editor saddened by slow death of hdb void decks. Facilities rental per day deposit documents required. But the hdb void deck is dying a slow, painful death. Void decks remain a vital slice of hdb life blogger. The current booking at this page might not reflect the current status of the booking, kindly call us for latest update and for more information. Because hdb block bazaars are actually all around singapore, like this facebook post from the halal food blog on blk 422 jurong west st 42. I think the hdb should consider leaving void decks as they are. Join me as we take a deeper look at our links with void decks in this ebook produced. I was having lunch at the void deck of blk 256 pasir ris when i saw a funeral procession passing by slowly. Home our services use of common area and charges common area and open space in our town are available to all hdb residents in ang mo kio grc and sengkang west smc for use at a nominal fee.

Birthday, engagement, wedding, house warming, naming, circumcision. Just search around for bazaar bawah block bazaar under the block, and maybe youll find a little of the good old pasar malams again. There is, however, a grace period of 2 months, from 1 sep to 31 oct, before the fine officially kicks in, according to a report by the straits. All applications for use of rs, applicant needs to get permit from hdb hq, lands management unit. Use of void decks changes in tandem with communitys needs. The first four void deck ccls opened their doors in 1993 while the remaining 42 were established during the period 1995 to 2001. It is a tuesday morning, and about 20 elderly women are huddled at the void deck of block 839, tampines street 83. Hdb should consider leaving void decks as they are. Residents of the precinct must be above 21 years old. But the van carrying the deceased was about to pass there, with family members on foot. Feb 25, 2016 if you grew up before video games destroyed childhood, like i did, the hdb void deck probably holds a special place in your heart. While the original facebook post has since been removed, related facebook posts have since sprouted, with many netizens commenting furiously at the alteration of the common void deck. Maintenance of the hdb s approximately 900,000 units largely falls under the town councils, which are not part of the hdb but which are formed under the town councils act primarily with the purpose of maintaining the common areas of hdb flats and estates.

Void decks remain a vital slice of hdb life, housing news. Singapore a video of a man and a woman waiting for a group of young men to exit a hdb lift at tampines only to scold them for violating circuit breaker measures is circulating online. Pasir ris office 6585 4938 punggol office 6590 9500 sengkang office 6489 0520. Also at the void deck is a mobile library filled with childrens books. However, the term void deck was not mentioned in hdb s annual reports until 19771978. Not only is the architecture pleasingly symmetrical, the void deck s high ceiling resembles a grand arch between 2 blocks, giving an open and airy feel.

Some wedding guests were standing along the side of the void deck to show respect. When it comes to void deck weddings in singapore, the racist. May 20, 2019 but if tampines is too far, dont worry. Public housing in singapore sg housing wiki fandom. Aug 05, 2019 pmds are now banned at void decks and corridors, but not footpaths. I believe my tampines void deck still reeks of crushed hearts. At first, hdb blocks did not have void decks in the 1960s. Coming soon bto flats in ang mo kio, tampines, and tengah for the november sales launch. Tol rate for use of void deck multi purpose hall open space wef as of 1 oct 2018. Located in tampines north, tampines greenweave is bound by tampines north drive 1, tampines avenue 6 and tampines street 61.

May 08, 2016 our sg spirit lives in all the things we do, just like how we come up with inventive ways to transform our humble void decks into spaces that mean so much to us. More than a void in the 1960s, many singaporeans moved from squatter settlements and villages to the first highrise flats built. To achieve the objective of safe distancing, our counters at hdb hub and branches are closed, and works at hdb construction and upgrading sites. Two neighbours are teaching them how to make dumplings while they slurp free. It captures certain architectural elements like common corridors and void decks that facilitate looking and gazing, which is a natural part of hdb life. Kong right, 88, relax in the homey corner of the void deck at block 601, clementi west. Please call the 24houremsu hotline at 18003258888 to book the void deck. To look for shop listings that are suitable for specific trades such as tuition, minimart, etc, just type on the keyword into the search box as well. This feels like a relatively bland observation due to the ubiquity of malay void deck weddings. Tampines mp baey yam keng stocking up fresh groceries in the fridge with fellow residents at a tampines hdb void deck image source.

As a kid growing up somewhere in tampines in the early nineties, i. According to an article in the straits times, queenstown residents were confused when a set of barriers were set up at a hdb blocks void deck to stop football from being played there. Everfresh shampoo found to contain harmful amount of. If you grew up before video games destroyed childhood, like i did, the hdb void deck probably holds a special place in your heart. Mar 24, 2016 void decks remain a vital slice of hdb life it is a tuesday morning, and about 20 elderly women are huddled at the void deck of block 839, tampines street 83. Facilities booking rates chua chu kang town council. Void deck weddings are also easier to access and more importantly easier to leave. Common areas would include the common corridors, void decks, lifts, water tanks, external. I want to organize a wedding under my void deck but i dont know where to book the place. Filling a void deck with neighbourliness, singapore news. Sep 03, 2017 ways of seeing is a photo book that explores lookout points found in public housing estates across singapore. However, a fire broke out at the void deck playground at block 261 in tampines in 2005.

Booking of void decks for funeral wakes will continue. The void decks in housing and development board hdb blocks are slowly filling up, as more and more of them are converted to senior activity centres, kindergartens, offices and more. Nov 09, 2017 filling a void deck with neighbourliness clementi west residents ong chun kiat centre, 71, and c. Plus, these projects are located near to existing or upcoming mrt stations, thus offering you greater convenience in your daily commute. A few streets away, beneath block 718, tampines street 72, a group of. Recently, a facebook post showing railings being erected at a queenstowns hdb void deck went viral. Open spaceland rs reserved site under hdb s management i. Hdb shop for rent find the latest available listings here. The bookings will based strictly on a firstcomefirstserved basis. Tol rate for use of void deck multi purpose hall open space wef as of. Void decks remain a vital slice of hdb life, singapore news. A void deck is an open space found on the ground floor of hdb blocks in singapore.

Tampines blocks to open spaces for community activities. Void deck for booking of void deck at blk 532 and blk 538 serangoon north. Saddened by slow death of hdb void decks, news asiaone. Ang mo kio town council use of common area and charges.

Theres a hidden ramadan bazaar in a tampines hdb void deck. Rasel sweeps the void deck file photo of a cleaner at an hdb estate. Providing an update of the study at the launch of the hdb community week 2015 today may 22, minister for national development khaw boon wan said a void deck within tampines central will be. Owners would like to retire, and hope to find someone who can carry on the business. Why do malays hold their weddings at the void deck. Over at the void deck of block 441 tampines street 43, you can find two fridges and a freezer thats wellstocked with fresh groceries. A few streets away, beneath block 718, tampines street 72, a group of senior citizens are engrossed in a regular session of tile game rummyo which, as retiree tan bak muay. With effect from 1st june 2014, residents will be able to make bookings 180 days in advance instead of our current 3 months in advance window. But its an important distinction to make for the simple reason that many still assume that void deck weddings happen because couples cant afford anything better. If youre looking for a hdb flat, check out the void deck. We started the day at these majestic peachcoloured hdb blocks at tampines street 45 that towered over us as we stood in the middle of the basketball courts. Booking of facilities is available 6 months prior to the date of the event. Oct 21, 2017 the void deck wedding, it seems, is just a cultural practice.

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